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Hey guys! Here is a very short video interview about myself. The questions are very random as in very, very random! Nothing too serious. And please don’t mind my very weird voice. Hahaha Anywhos, I hope you guys like it! CIao! 


I love sunglasses. They are the curtains to the windows of my soul. They add the finishing touch to any of my outfits. I bought these sunglasses from Sunnies by Charlie and I can’t exaggerate how great they are! They are very very stylish and the quality is amaze balls! Even the pouch for the sunglasses are very stylish and unique! What makes them even better? Their items are also sold in Zalora! It was my first time buying from the online shop and it was so easy and convenient. I especially love the cash on delivery service. Very very convenient! You’ll save a trip to the bank! I highly recommend buying from Sunnies by Charlie if you are looking for sunglasses that are stylish, inexpensive, high in quality and unique! Their price starts from P249! Imagine that! To know more about them, head on to or visit their stalls here.

Uniqlo Shirt | Bench T-Shirt | Oxygen Jeans | New Balance Shoes

Hey everyone! I wanna say thank you for continually reading “My Blog”. It really means a lot to me. Especially because my blog was ranked 98 on Top Blogs under Fashion a few weeks back. It was a great accomplishment! (teary eyed) Thank you! Haha Moving on to the outfit. I took inspiration from Robbie Becroft that day. I was inspired by how he dresses intelligently, but gives off an easy vibe to it. I personally love that laid-back, no fuss dressing. I just love how it looks. Easy, breezy and cool! I chose dark hued top, pants and shoes in this outfit so that the plaid shirt will stand out and give an interesting feel. Very effective especially if the shirt is in a bright color! What do you guys think? Search for the hashtag #jegssantos to find me on instagram and on twitter.

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