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I love bracelets, and I am really loving intimate looking ones lately. The intimate feel of the bracelets stacked with each other really gives history to them (even if there isn’t) and very personal. I also like bracelets that are fun and colorful. The vibrancy of the colors are eye-catching and ooze personal style. So here is an easy DIY that combines that intimate and fun style I love in bracelets.


Thin Chain | Jump Rings | Any Kind of Clasp | Loop Bar | Pliers | Charm or Beads | Studs


1. Put the charm or bead of your own choosing through the loop bar and close it. You can also use a brooch or a safety pin for the charm.

2. I added a stud to my bead to give it more depth. Connect your chain to the bead or charm. 

3. Add a jump ring and a clasp in both ends of your bracelet.

You can personalize it as much as you want. Use charms that are meaningful to you. Get creative with the colors, beads, charms, etc. Go crazy with it! I hope you guys found inspiration in this DIY, until the next project! Ciao! 

Uniqlo Chambray Shirt | Grab-A-Tee T-Shirt | Oxygen Jeans | Converse Shoes | SM Accessories Metal Bracelet

How has everyone been doing? Well, I’m actually very busy right now with tons of school work. That’s why I haven’t blogged for a while. I hope you guys understand. I’ll update my blog as much as I can, but for now I’m squeezing in this style post. I wore this during a Sunday with my family. The outfit was not fussy to wear and it’s very relaxed which I love!

Have you guys ever thought that you have pieces that are similar to each other and you don’t know how to distinguish them when worn with different outfits?

I think I have too much chambray shirts. Well, I’ve got 3 (I thinks it’s a little bit excessive) but it’s a versatile piece and it’s a classic, very easy to mix and match with other pieces. The thing is, it’s very easy for the shirts to be identical with each other since they are made with the same material. The key is accessorizing! Having the right accessories can totally change the whole ensemble. Having them in different shades will also help. Just like a pattern. When you change the color of it, it’s a new pattern! The same applies with chambray. Different shades = Different shirts.

I hope you guys liked my outfit. This is all for now. Ciao! Photos - Angela Torres


What a great way to start off the month! I got featured in as their Fashion Superstar of the week! I want to thank Cat Morely for giving me this AWESOME feature! Words cannot describe how excited and blessed I am right now. Thank you! Thank you!

Also I want to thank every single one who LOVED my projects! I never thought I would have 100+ notes on my posts. Thank you everyone for recognizing my work! You guys are my inspiration and my motivation to continue blogging, I am forever grateful.Thank you!

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